Imagine on the street you suddenly notice a lonely pushchair with baby crying sound and when you take a close look, a bloody horrible infant (looks like from hell) sit up and scream at you…

 Actually this scene is the most hilarious thriller last week! Cruising around the city in a remote-controlled pushchair, the “devil baby” popped up to cry, roar, vomit, even give the finger to the passers-by and terrorized New York City.

Fortunately, the devil invasion was turned out to be a prank, which is a viral marketing stunt to promote the new horror flick Devil’s Due from 20th Century Fox. By uploading this hidden camera prank to YouTube, the marketing team caused a stir before the film’s release. The movie now is showing in UK. Not sure about the movie’s box office performance but this bizarre and creative campaign indeed achieved an incredible success. Ranked as the hottest video last week by (, it possessed 1,086,482 shares during only one week and more than 4.8 million views in one day. It seems that there is no better way to heat up a new horror film about the anti-christ being born, than sending this Devil Baby Attack to public.

Krivicka, one of the campaign creator stated, “People were totally cool with being in the video after getting the living hell scared out of them. Each reaction ended with a laugh, and everyone loved the look of the baby.” The video was created by Thinkmodo, the NYC-based viral marketing agency who just won the Silver & Bronze at the 2013 London International Awards. By hacking the huge screen in Times Square, flying “people” over the sky of Manhattan and creating an unbelievable underwater nightclub, Thinkmodo has been grabbing attention globally for the last few years. Those overwhelming hits in succession are all featured with creativity and technology and ended with a promo for certain product or service.

Two tips could be drawn from this case. Firstly, the creative combination of fear appeal and humour appeal is truly engaging. And then it is still not so clear whether this tactic will get more audience in theaters or just leave the viewers interested in the prank itself. However hardly linking the movie trailer with the viral video without any suitable transition is clearly not smart enough.

Proud papas: Thinkmodo founders Michael Krivicka (L) and James Percelay (R) (Photo: Thinkmodo)

Proud papas: Thinkmodo founders Michael Krivicka (L) and James Percelay (R) (Photo: Thinkmodo)


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