Budweiser’s “puppy love”, the winner of Super Bowl 2014

Budweiser’s “puppy love” (created by Anomaly agency) became the biggest hit through the aired Super Bowl 2014, which also dominated social media with more than a million shares. Table 1, providing more specific statistics was derived from marketingmagazine.co.uk. This ad depicts the special affection or implausible friendship between a puppy and a horse and humans’ incomprehension. Ready to get touched?

table 1

Table 1

Clearly it is another case of effective content marketing and some inspirations are here for us.

  •  Value-Driven Communication

No talking, puffery or hard sell but a simple story. Some significant brand values, like loyalty, fraternity and dedication, are well merged into the one-minute long story that contains untraditional plot, expresses the corporate in a compelling way and involves massive audiences. Value drives the story line and the unspoken commitment from Budweiser is received by the viewers.

  •  Poetic Narrative in Digital Way

Start from the dog adoption board and end with the jumping puppy, a poetic quality strings every picture together. This essential and powerful narrative is smart enough to adapt the social media environment and let the public share it through different platforms. As Carat’s managing director, Matthew Hook said: “The Super Bowl used to be about the battle of advertising budgets, now it’s a war of the social newsrooms, a new environment full of promise for plucky challenger brands”. This time Budweiser is the plucky winner.

  •   Humanized Animal Character

You can say no to any celebrity, however it is so difficult to refuse an adorable and innocent animal. The humanized animal characters enable Budweiser to gain an incredible likability.

  •  Quality Sound Track

Written by the talented British singer, Passenger “Let Her Go” is a touching and fresh folk song. The soothing melody, together with the emotional lyrics, matches with the story line. This single provides a sentimental mood, proceeds the story to the climax (when the horses block the car), and winds up it peacefully. When the video ends, people will be ready to watch it again and share it.


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