Beautiful Entertainment with Beautiful Features

Last week (30 and 31 January) in London Coliseum, an inspiring entertainment was conducted successfully. Named as “Men in Motion”, the project is seeking to research and redefine the role of male dancer from the post-romantic era up until today. It is devised by Ivan Putrov, “the Ukrainian whirlwind, born to ballet dancing parents and seemingly destined to evolve and live on stage.”

Fortunately as an audience, I witnessed the dynamic show that can inspire. This is my first ballet experience in London and actually a feature story of Men in Motion in The Independent Magazine helped me to make this decision. The dedicated performance is unquestionable. However the strategic press management also contributed a lot to the success, which was done by PURPLE PR (

“A Great Leap for Men’s Style” in The Independent Magazine is the most outstanding one. This feature is more visual emphasized. Including the magazine cover, there are six aesthetic photographs and they truly proves the powerful persuasiveness of good visual images. Same as the headline, “ballet’s leading men put the coming season’s sportswear-inspired collections through their steps” the elegant and graceful leading dancers appeared in the pictures leaping and modeling a selection of sportswear-inspired pieces from the spring 2014 menswear collections. Atop their own dance tights. The behind idea is “Just as the international menswear collections have grown in prominence and importance – the autumn/winter shows are currently on their final hurdle in Paris – so has the role of the male dancer in ballet.” The PR team did a stylish and artistic persuasion through the feature.

Men in Motion 1

Men in Motion 1

Men in Motion 2

Men in Motion 2

Men in Motion 3

Men in Motion 3

Men in Motion 4

Men in Motion 4

Men in Motion 5

Men in Motion 5

Besides, the press covered many different angles of the performance: in-depth interviews with the cast, life story of the founder and the impact of lighting design and technology on dance… At last is a media clip about this event, through which more details can be found.

Media Clip

Feature Story


  • DanceTabs (20, Jan)

  • The Telegraph (29, Jan)

  • TimeOut (29, Jan)

  • BBC NEWS (30, Jan)

  • The Guardian (04, Feb)


  • London Evening Standard (01, Feb)–dance-review-9098958.html

  • The Guardian (02, Feb)


  • THE TIMES (03, Feb)


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