McVitie’s Brand Rejuvenation

McVitie’s, the British snack food brand owned by United Biscuits launched a new campaign last week for their biscuits and cakes, with adorable commercials that feature puppies, kittens and a tarsier monkey emerging from the snack packages.

According to “The campaign, created by Grey London with media from UM London, features cute puppies, kittens and a Tarsier to emphasize the feeling people had when eating a biscuit, promoting three of the company’s brands; plain digestives, chocolate digestives and Jaffa Cakes. Each of the 30-second adverts includes the strapline ‘Sweet’, inspired through the insight that a humble biscuit can create a powerful sensation and habit in daily lives.”

“We knew that our biscuits have a surprisingly important place in people’s lives. People relate to them in a very emotional way. We wanted to bring this feeling to life in a memorable, modern way.” stated by Sarah Heynen, the marketing director of United Biscuits.

The key message of the commercials is that McVitie’s snacks do sweeten and enrich your day, which is truly expressed very well through the animation. The company’s CEO, Martin Glenn made a further explanation on the message, “Biscuits can be a great way of signifying a moment’s break; they can be a mood enhancer, they can make a social moment that little bit better. So biscuits are trivial but they are very important as small things make a different. That insight was immensely powerful thought behind the advertising.”

Meanwhile, the social media pages (facebook & twitter), together with its official website ( are all updated and coherent with the campaign. Some very engaging online activities (e.g., sending cuddles through social media to friends or #Sweeet) and viral videos (e.g.,artists are invited to draw the animals with biscuits) are arranged into those platforms and all the likable and sharable content is enlarging the McVitie’s effect. It has been only one week and there are already over 755,000 viewers of the Original Digestives Sweeet ad on YouTube.

online activities

online activities

This £12m through-the-line campaign is aimed to achieve a long-term brand rejuvenating globally, which will be conducted for an initial six months (since last week) and will be supported through a PR campaign by 3 Monkeys Communications, and in store and online marketing, as well as social media activity through UM London as well. So far, it seems that McVitie’s is ready for a very ambitious integrated marketing communication project.


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