Rethinking About The Plane Crash

First of all, I am sorry about the tragedy but bad things do happen. Hope all of us find the courage to accept things we cannot change.

The plane crash (flight MH370) has been under the spotlight for month and there are many observations of the event and criticisms on Malaysia Airlines’ poor crisis communication. The Telegraph newspaper (UK) even described the actions of the airline and the Malaysian government as a “master class in how not to deal with the aftermath of an incident”. Started from a very tardy announcement (five hours later) that the airline lost connection with the flight, the company and government already seemed losers. However, when really faced with this kind of unprecedented situation, how many people can still remain resourceful? After all to talk is easier than to do. So there is no need to discuss how weak the PR team was but take a look at some other groups’ related PR strategies.

Considerable experts highlighted the golden principle, Triple R (Regret, Reason and Remedy), of crisis communications. It is supposed to be effective during that horrible accident and for some organizations it was. They offered sincere regret, quick reason and useful remedy to the public and the families who suffered so much. In return, they obtained positive images.


A very touched tweet caught the attention from the world. A young girl whose father were on the plane, made a wish on Twitter. Her father was a big fan of Liverpool Football Club (LFC) and she was hoping him to come home and watch the game. Later on LFC retweeted it and expressed theirregret and sorry, which won a lot of support from the fans and media. ranked LFC as the No.2 communicator in terms ofreacting to the incident, right after Chinese government.


LFC's retweet

LFC’s retweet


Several social media platforms (like Baidu search engine and Sina weibo) in China, they actualized their social responsibilities during this emergencyby turning the websites dark, organizing online memorial services, and updating the latest information in the featured pages. Even today, they are trying to use online reporting to give people the reasons.


Featured online page from Baidu

Featured online page from Baidu


Countless Chinese people intensively concerned about the crash because their friends or family members were there, which made the government implemented series of searching, rescuing and appeasing projects at the first time. No matter it is in vain or just another government propaganda, at least those actions do let the people who have lost their dearest ones feel the whole nation’s care.

I think all of them did something right. The purpose of this post is to remind me that acting with good will and humanity develops me a good person and then a good PR.


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