The Magic of Disney’s Film Promotion for Frozen


Last sunday (March 30), Disney’s latest animated feature film, Frozen achieved a worldwide gross of $1.07 billion (with $398 million domestically and $674 million internationally) and officially became the highest-grossing animated feature of all time. As the winner of Oscar, Golden Globe and Annie awards, Frozen is the most brilliant animation movie of recent years. Except the quality movie and music, the strong and ambitious PR team definitely made a huge contribution to its global flourishing. So today let’s explore the magic of Disney’s film promotion.


Nine months ago, Disney has released the very first teaser of this musical fantasy to kick offall the following promotions in earnest. The short video depicts funny interactions between twoadorable supporting characters. Without any word, it is charming enough to impress the audience and let them set up expectation.


November 2013, Disney embarked on the collaboration with frozen food retailer Iceland to promote Frozen. Any customer who spends £15 in frozen food retailer will receive voucher for free child’s ticket, which built excitement around the movie before the release date. Barnaby Rothwell, director of Disneymedia+, described: “This promotion demonstrates how a Disneymedia+ promotion can communicate with our clients’ customers in a fun and engaging way.”


Basically, Disney showcased every aspect of Frozen through its incredible online platforms. Many interesting videos were uploaded to YouTube Channel. The Frozen Facebook page was created. When the movie made the new record, a #CongratulationsFrozen hashtag was inspired on Twitter. The appealing multi-media storytelling has involved considerable audience.

Facebook Page and YouTube Channel

Facebook Page and YouTube Channel


The themed song Let it go, was arranged into two very different versions: one is the original version showed in the movie and another is the pop music version. This smart strategy enabled the song to enjoy a great popularity and well promoted the movie.

Let it go was adapted in a lot of countries by local talented songwriters and singers. And finally the music video, “Let It Go” Multi-Language Full Sequence, uncontrollably went viral worldwide, which heavily drew people’s attention, furthered box office performance and enhanced the fame of Frozen. The idea of releasing that video was originated by John Lasseter, the director of Toy Story and founder of Pixar Animation Studios.

When the movie is taking over the world, Disney seized the chance and launched Frozen Sing-Along in US, which was turned out to be another success.


In order to make Frozen a hit in DVD stores, Mike Stagg, general manager, retail at The Walt Disney Company UK & Ireland indicated that they already got a comprehensive promotion plan and they will be supporting Frozen throughout 2014.


With the continuous devotion and tactical campaigns, Disney’s communication team helped produce this glorious legend that will be remembered.


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