Honey Maid, This Is Awesome!!!

Last month, Honey Maid (the graham cracker brand owned by Mondelez) has launched a new campaign, “This Is Wholesome” that celebrates all families. They produced three commercials that depict different families’ daily life and one of those was featured a gay family, two dads and two sons. The company is telling people different fathers give the same love to their children and they all choose Honey Maid’s wholesome biscuits. The trilogy promotes equalityand love, and reflects the reality that society and culture become more and more diverse.

Predictably, some people didn’t agree with the message and made many negative comments on social media, such as one viewer who described the video as “Disgusting”. Faced with a certain amount of homophobic backlash, Honey Maid didn’t keep silent. Instead, they created a surprising response and once again sent out the message of love in an artistic and unique way. Yes, LOVE is the best answer.

Audience’s reaction to this reply has been overwhelmingly positive. One wrote, “Honey Maid’s Response to Anti-Gay Haters is Absolutely Beautiful.” During the last three days, there are already 2.7 million views on YouTube. Now Honey Maid is enjoying all the praises from media and individuals. By releasing this video, the company has successfully engaged considerable new customers who are also believed in the same things. A man said, “I don’t even eat graham crackers, but I think I might buy a box this weekend.”

However after the appreciation, I start to wonder whether it is just a spontaneous reply or a well-planned campaign. As CBSNews.com stated, “Increasingly, marketers are finding that diversity pays by delivering an almost predictable response: a vocal critical minority that gets drowned out by a wave of support from diversity-friendly viewers. At the risk of alienating a small group of consumers, brands are finding this formula can provide a sure-fire way to create engagement with their product.” Firstly the content is very controversial and advertisers can easily foresee the results. Then the response is just too quick and too good. But no matter what, the campaign is truly awesome.


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