#Anne Is A Good Girl

The Oscar winner and my favorite actress, Anne Hathaway is now busy with the promotions for her latest animated movie, Rio 2 even though yesterday she spared some time, visited the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and surprised the patients there. Without any make-up, Anne showed up and brought an advanced screening of Rio 2, in which she voices for the leading character, Jewel. The heartwarming moments were captured and posted on social media. Many people felt touched and inspired. They say Anne is a good girl!

St. Jude's tweet

St. Jude’s tweet

Yes we may consider it as a celebrity PR strategy or a humanitarian way to advertise Rio 2 but Anne is described by the media (like Mail Online) as a longtime supporter of the hospitals. Just a few days ago, Anne, together with her lovely husband, made a surprise visit to Miami Children’s Hospital. They spent hours on playing with the kids and offering encouragement. So I would rather believe it’s just one random act of kindness, which achieved a win-win situation during the film promotion period.

Another visit to Miami Children's Hospital

Another visit to Miami Children’s Hospital


Tips: Holding a beautiful mind, good image and reputation will follow you.


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