The blazing story Wuthering Heights, the wonder poesy The Waste Land, the classic band Queen, the iconic brand Burberry and the unforgettable movie Notting Hill all shape me a deep British complex. With such an intensive emotion, I came here taking my master degree and fell into the enchanting culture. At University of Westminster, its leading education in Public Relations, practice-oriented teaching style and cultivation of both academic and professional views paves a very way to my coming career in UK. Knowing clearly my direction of progress, I determine to fulfill my expectant advancement for better striving in future vocation.


Public Relations is crucial to help organization build and maintain positive relations with key stakeholders for enhancing its overall performance. My fascination on PR spurs me to give consistent devotion to perfecting both the awareness and capabilities. Three experiences I cherish most are presented here. In 2012, I organized a PR and Advertising team to promote a local succulents store as my first internship. Except rebranding the store, my team created a one-year long campaign (including four exquisite events) for boosting its popularity. The Succulents Exhibition is one of the important activities won a positive word-of-mouth and caused the succulent fever. Based on the great success of the first attempt, we kept on making positive influence to the public by other events. Such as Succulents 50th Wedding Anniversary and Succulent Planting Family Day, their innovative feature with heartwarming scenes smoothly merged with the theme of succulents and touched all audiences. At the last semester in college, I took the initiative to rejuvenate a time-honored Chinese folk art, Foshan Woodblock New-Year Prints in a PR way. My fellows and me started an English blog to reach and involve target audience. Then a signature exhibition, Dan (Red) was accomplished, which is now adopted by the prints workshop as a permanent model for further promotion. This year, I embarked on the exploration of Chinese PR ethics education in the light of Confucianism. As planned, my dissertation will examine the possibility and necessity of establishing PR ethics education based on the Confucian philosophy in China. That is one thing I want to do for a long time and hopefully it will benefit the localization of PR education.


Behind my achievements is the devotion. Thanks to the academic development and social practice, they train a distinctive me. The gain of comprehensive knowledge generating my critical thinking and the participation in real working sharpening my proficiency on PR satisfy my refinement. Witnessing my footsteps in the last five years, I am in full confidence to face coming challenges within my distinction.


As a fan of Olympic Games, I admire those dedicated athletes so much. Four-year, means an Olympic circle to them. Countless devotion on training and taste on failure bring a perfect performance in the venue. To me, the bachelor and master study also means a significant term and equips me outstanding qualities, chief among them, a commitment to excellence. The leading education is not the destination, but it is a key to get entry of an ideal PR agency for the PR knowledge in reality and profundity. It’s time to start my performance. So here I run this blog to share my reflection, capture my inspiration, and hopefully win your recognition. Who knows? A little PR dust may fall on me!


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